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The Piccolo Player In Church ----------------------------

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The Piccolo Player In Church ----------------------------

The piano player at a small church was sick, so a piccolo player in the congregation offered to take his place during Sunday services.

The Preacher says, "Open your hymn books to number 196, We Shall all Pray Together at the River".

The piccolo player says, "I'm sorry reverend, I don't know number 196."

"OK then, let's all open our books to number 84, Won't it be Wonderful up there in Heaven".

"I'm sorry reverend. I don't think I can play that one".

"Then let's open our books to number 144, The Lords' Love will carry us all."

"I'm sorry reverend. That one is too hard for me.

Someone in the congregation says, "The piccolo player is a mutherf#$%er."

The preacher responds, "Who called our piccolo player a mutherf#$%er?"

No one replies.

"We are not going to continue the services until the offending individual stands up", the preacher says with indignation.

Finally an old man in the back of the church stands up. "Reverend," he said, "I'ss not the man that called your piccolo player a mutherf#$%er. I'ss not sitting next to the man what called your piccolo player a muthf#$%er. What I'd like to know is who called that mutherf#$%er a piccolo player."

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