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Next Time That You Are With A Relative Friendworkmate Etc. Give

Topic: adult

Next time that you are with a relative, friend,workmate etc. give them a pen and paper and ask them to write down the answers to 14 questions you are about to ask them as truthfully as they can, preferably in front of a number of other people. They are as follows.

1)What's your name

2)Have you ever been run over by a bus

3)Do you like money

4)Who's you're favourite comedian

5)Pick a number between 1 & 10

6)What's your favourite food

7)Do you like your mother

8)Pick another number between 1 & 10

9)Who's your favourite cartoon character

10)Have you ever done anything wrong (everybody has eg. speeding etc.)

11)Where do you sleep

12)Who do you hate most

13)Are you sure

14)Who's your best friend

Now for the best bit

You now ask them to repeat their answers after you go through these questions.

1)What's your name

2)Are you sure

3)Have you ever done a blow job

4)On who

5)How many times

6)What did it taste like

7)Are you married

8)How many kids do you have

9)Who do they look like

10)Have you done anything wrong


12)On who

13)Did you enjoy it

14)Who taught you

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