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Rubber Things

Topic: adult

Rubber Things

It was a cold, dark winters night (aren't they all). And there was this woman driving home through the countryside when suddenly she had a blowout and she had to stop the car. Since it was late and she didn't relish the thought of changing the tire, she walked to a nearby farmhouse to ask if she could stay the night and phone a garage in the morning to fix the car. The farmer agreed to let her stay in his house as long as she did not mind the farmers two sons attitude. The farmer explained that his wife has died when the boys were young and due to the farms isolation, the two, who were now young men, had never seen a woman at close quarters before.

So the woman goes to bed.... and then, halfway through the night, she starts to feel quite randy, and decides to pay one of the lads a 'visit'.

Now, being a careful and sensible woman she gives him a condom to wear, telling him it will prevent her from getting pregnant. After they make love she goes back to bed.

Unfortunately, soon afterwards, she gets 'the urge' again, and goes to see the other son. Once again giving him a condom to wear, they make love.

The next morning she thanks the farmer for his hospitality and phones the garage and goes on her way.

...Three months later the two sons are working in the fields together, and they discuss their experience with the woman. The youngest son asks the eldest son, "Do you really care if that woman gets pregnant?"

"No, not at all." replies the eldest.

"Well, why don't we take off these damn rubber things, then?"

ALPHA v0.3