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The Meaning Of Savoir-Faire

Topic: adult

The Meaning of Savoir-Faire

An American couple was traveling in France. They made adequate preparations for their trip, including learning many French phrases. While there, they had a difference of opinion about the word "savoir-faire". To settle the disagreement, they approached three frenchmen for clarification. In Franglais, fractured English, they tried.

The first fellow said, "Let me use an example to explain. The husband comes home, goes into the bedroom and finds his wife in bed with a man. 'I'm sorry', he says and leaves the bedroom. ZAT is 'savoir-faire".

The other two fellows are yelling, "no, no". The second one takes over the explanation, saying, "In your example, when the husband walks into the bedroom, he says, 'I'm sorry, PLEASE go on' and he leaves. Now, ZAT is 'savoir-faire'".

The third fellow is saying " NO, NO, NO. Let me tell what is 'savoir-faire ". He continues - "using the very same situation, the husband says, 'I'm so sorry, PLEASE go on' and he leaves. NOW, if the man is able to CONTINUE - ZAT is 'savoir-faire'".

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