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Shotgun Mating Call

Topic: adult

Shotgun Mating Call

A farmer and his wife lived aways out in the piney woods and after a few years began to have problems of a very personal nature. Not being well versed in the matters taught in school, the husband decided to consult a physician in regards to the matter.

"Doc, lotsa times I git the matin' urge out in the fields," confessed the farmer. "But there's no way to let my wife know 'cause she spends her day back around the barn, milking the cows, slopping hogs, feeding chickens. Then when the day's plowin' is done, me and the missus are jest too tired. Well, you might say our happy marriage ain't too satisfyin' lately. We talked it over and was hopin' you could help.

"Of course," advised the doctor. "Just take a shotgun with you into the fields. Then when you get the urge, shoot the gun off as a signal to your wife to come-a-runnin'."

The farmer went home and told the plan to his wife. Two weeks later, he returned, unhappier than ever. "Its muh woman." he cried. "She done died."

"What happened?" asked the doctor.

"We done forgot it was squirrel-huntin' season," he moaned. "The pore woman jest run herself to death answerin' all them gunshots."

ALPHA v0.3