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Twisted Ears

Topic: adult


An earthling couple was traveling down a deserted highway late one night when they were abducted by a flying saucer. On board were two aliens, a male and a female. After some questions were asked and all their fears were put to rest, the earthlings were invited to have sex with the aliens and agreed. The aliens said they were interested in observing as many earth customs as possible, though the female alien may have had something of a gleam in her eye.

The wife went off with the male alien. As they got intimate, she was shocked by the small size of his sex organ.

"My God," she said, "it's only 3 inches long." The male alien then reached up and twisted his right ear. His penis grew three inches longer, he twisted his right ear again, and it grew another three inches. This continued until he had a good twelve inches.

"But," she said, it's as thin as a pencil." The male alien then reached up and twisted his left ear. His penis grew in diameter. He twisted his left ear again and it grew larger yet. This continued until he was at a more than satisfactory diameter.

The next morning the earthling wife sees her husband. "It was great for me, the best sex I've ever had. How was it for you?"

The husband said, "Well, the sex was ok, but she damn near twisted my ears off."

ALPHA v0.3