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Top Ten Signs Valentines Day Sucks

Topic: adult

Top Ten Signs Valentines Day Sucks

10. Cupid accidentally impales you in the eye with an arrow.

9. Your name is Charlie Brown and after fifty years you still haven't gotten a letter from that cute little red- headed girl.

8. You are in prison and the only Valentine you receive is from your cell-mate Bubba.

7. While writing Top Ten list as to why Valentine's Day sucks you think to yourself "I can easily make this a Top Twenty List."

6. You eat the Valentine's Day Chocolate you receive and consequently get your ass dumped!

5. Instead of receiving roses from a loved one you get dead fish from the mob.

4. The closest thing to a Valentine you've received from a member of the opposite sex is an Electronic Valentine from Tom Kelly.

3. Parents tell you that wanting to spend Valentine's Day with a member of the opposite sex may be a little choosy!

2. Writing Top Ten List is the highlight of your day.

1. Cupid costume not the babe magnet you thought it would be.

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