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The Wizard And The Toad -----------------------

Topic: adult

The Wizard and the Toad -----------------------

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a wizard lived in an enchanted forest. He usually used his magical powers to help the animals that lived there.

One afternoon, a toad came hopping up to the wizard's cottage and knocked on the door. The wizard opened the door and saw that the toad was, remarkably enough, of a bright, sunny yellow color.

"You see the problem?" the toad said. "All my life I've been like this. I want to be green, like the other toads."

The wizard nodded gravely, took out a magic wand and waved it above the toad. At once, the toad became a smooth, lovely green color. The toad hopped with joy, thanking the wizard profusely, until he noticed that the spell had not entirely worked. His penis was still yellow.

"What do I do about this?" the toad asked. "I can't go around this way."

The wizard apologized, saying, "I can only work one spell each day, I'm afraid. But in the next forest over, you'll find another wizard who can complete the spell." The toad thanked the wizard and hopped off.

A short while later, a bear came to the wizard's door. When the wizard opened it, he saw that the bear was entirely blue in color.

"Can you help me?" asked the bear.

The wizard shrugged and said, "I'm out of magic for the day, I'm afraid. But there is another wizard in the next forest."

"How do I get there?" asked the bear.

"It's easy," replied the wizard. "Just follow the yellow-dick toad."

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