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The Bird

Topic: adult


There was this guy who lived in a big city. Life was just getting so frustrating. He thought, "I have to get away for awhile or I'm going to go mad." So he decided to go hunting. To be exact he decided to go pheasant hunting. So he went out to this plot of land somewhere outside the city. As he was walking along, he noticed a farm about 100 yards off in the distance. He didn't think much of it at the time. Anyway he goes walking along a little further, when this group of birds goes flying up before him. He manages to get off a shot and he hits one. Well the bird starts to go down and it glides right over the farmers fence. So he walks over and starts to climb the fence, when the farmer comes out.

The farmer says, "You know that's my bird you're taking."

The guy replies, "What do you mean, I shot it."

The farmer says "that's my bird because it's on my land". Then the farmer says, "I'll tell you what, I will make you a deal, we'll kick each other in the balls as hard as we can and whoever screams first loses the bird."

So the guy thinks about it for a minute and decides to take the farmer up on his deal. Then the farmer says, "Since it's my land I get to go first."

So the farmer hauls off and kicks the guy as hard as he can. The guy doubles over with pain but refrains from making a sound. After a minute he gets up and says, "OK, it's my turn now.",

The farmer says, "On second thought, go ahead and keep the bird."

ALPHA v0.3