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The Bobbitt Man (Colin Jackson With Apologies To Billy Joel)

Topic: adult

The Bobbitt Man (Colin Jackson, with apologies to Billy Joel)

1. It was nine o'clock on a Saturday I was lying in bed with my wife But I didn't know she was mad at me 'til I saw the flash of her knife

2. I cried "Don't mess with my masculinity" No sooner had these words been said Than she gave a small cough, and she cut it right off And left me in pain on the bed

Bridge: I said: Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai ai....

Ref: Sew it back on, I'm the Bobbit Man Sew it back on, good and tight And just to be sure, add an inch or two more 'cause I'm feeling lucky tonight...

3. I asked as I lay there in agony "Could it be something I said" She said, "Yes, my dear, I do not like to hear That my sister is better in bed"

Bridge: Ai ai ai ai....

Ref: Sew it back on....

4. And now I'm making a video With a girl who's a bit of a slut It would stay up all night, if I didn't die of fright Every time the director yells "CUT!"

Bridge: Ai ai ai ai.....

Ref: Sew it back on....

ALPHA v0.3