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Top Ten Countrywestern Songs That Scare John Wayne Bobbit

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Top Ten Country/Western Songs that scare John Wayne Bobbit

10. There goes my everything - Jack Greene

9. (TIED) I'd like to have that one back - George Strait Half Enough - Lorrie Morgan

8. You look better from behind - Billy Charles

7. Don't take it away - Conway Twitty

6. Salute to a Switchblade. - Tom T. Hall

5. This ones gonna hurt (for a long long time) - Travis Tritt & Martie Stuart

4. I wouldn't have missed it for the world -Ronnie Milsap

3. Take it like a man - Michelle Wright

2. One Piece at a time - Johnny Cash

1. Rip off the knob - Bellamy Brothers

Runners Up / Honourable Mention

My good things are gone - Narvel Felts

Never miss a good thing 'till its gone - ?

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