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A Big Muscular Hulk Of A Guy Lumbers Into A Bar And Sits Down On

Topic: adult

A big Muscular hulk of a guy lumbers into a bar and sits down on a stool. "BARKEEP!", he growls, "Gimme a whiskey!!".

The bartender responds with great dispatch. The hulk chugs down the whiskey, glowers at the 6 men on his left and says "You men!! You're all COCKSUCKERS!! You got a problem with that?" Silence. "Bartender!! Fill 'er up!!", the hulk snarls. He downs his second drink, scowls at the 6 guys on his right and says "And you!! You guys are all MOTHERFUCKERS!! Anybody have a problem with that?"

Nobody says anything, but a little geeky guy gets up from the right and walks toward him. As he passes the hulk grabs him by the lapels and roars, "HEY! You got a problem with what I said???"

"N-n-nooo!!", stammers the little geek. "I-I-I'm j-just sitting at the wrong side of the bar!!!"

ALPHA v0.3