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A Stranger Came By Farmer Brown'S Place As He Worked His Fields

Topic: adult

A stranger came by Farmer Brown's place as he worked his fields one day. The stranger asked, "I saw some Honeysuckle down by your creek there. Mind if I go fetch some honey for myself?"

Farmer Brown replied, "Why, son, you know you can't get no honey from honeysuckle."

"Mind if I try anyway?"

"Go right on ahead."

The stranger came back with a pint of honey...amazing.

About a week later, the stranger came back: "I saw some milkweed over in your valley. Mind if I get some milk?"

"Why, son, you know you can't get milk from milkweed."

"Mind if I try?"

"Go right on ahead."

The stranger returned with a gallon of milk...How'd he do that?

The next week, the stranger returned: "I noticed you had some pussywillow down in the meadow..."

"Just hold on, son. I'll fetch my boots!"

ALPHA v0.3