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A Man Was Stranded On A Desert Island. One Night There Was A

Topic: adult

A man was stranded on a desert island. One night there was a terrible storm and in the morning the man found that Christy Brinkley had washed up on shore. There was an immediate attraction between them and they had sex for the rest of the day.

The next day the man said to Christy, "Would you mind wearing my clothes today?" She said, "Ok". After she dressed in his clothes he asked if she would mind wearing his baseball cap and tucking her hair up. She was a little surprised but did it anyway. Walking along the beach together, he said, "Would you do something else for me, would you take your finger and put it in the mud and paint a mustache on your face for me?" She said, "that's a little weird, but why not?"

After she did that he said, "Just one last thing, I promise just one more thing. Can I call you Bob today?" Christy replied "Yeah ok why not?" To which the man responded: "Hey Bob, guess who I screwed last night?"

ALPHA v0.3