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The Sex Therapist Advised The Couple To Be More Spontaneous

Topic: adult

The sex therapist advised the couple to be more spontaneous about sex. "Don't wait for a pre-scheduled time," she said. "Make the most of it when the urge hits, just let all your inhibitions go"

In the next session, she asked the woman how things were going. "GREAT!!!" said the woman. "last night during dinner, we both felt amorous, and one thing led to another and before you know it he had me on top of the table, my dress hiked up over my head, and just fucked the shot out of me for three solid hours"

"Thats GREAT" said the therapist. "Theres only one small problem" added the woman meekly, I am afraid we'll never be able to eat at the International House of Pancakes again!

ALPHA v0.3