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The Manager At The Funeral Home Was Drawn Into The Large Dimly

Topic: adult

The manager at the funeral home was drawn into the large dimly lit room at the funeral home by the woeful cries of a young black woman kneeling by an open coffin. He said, "Lady, why are you crying so loud, is there anything I can do to comfort you?"

To this, the woman wiped her teary eyes and pointed to the other open coffin at the other side of the large room. She said, "Oh, Sir, it saddens me so much to see my husband buried in these old rags when that other man has on such a fine white suit. I wish so much that my dead husband might be buried in something fine because he never had nothing when he was alive."

The manager looked at her with kind and thoughtful eyes and said, "Lady, do go home, we need to close and I have a fine white suit that I will put on the deceased for you."

Soon the poor wretch left. At this, the manager belted out, "Joe, swap the heads on these two niggers!

ALPHA v0.3