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Upper Class Bird And Other Wishes

Topic: adult

Upper Class Bird and Other Wishes

A guy walked into a bar (ouch!) carrying a cat under his arm and a parrot on his shoulder. He ordered a drink, the bird ordered one in a really upper class accent, and so did the cat, the only exception being that the cat added to the end, "but I'm not paying."

The bartender pours three drinks, carries them over, and the guy hands over a $20 note, saying "Keep the change." All three drink their drinks, then they all order another round, same as before, with the guy handing over a $20 and telling the barman to keep the change. Each time with the parrot ordering with a more and more upper crust accent, and the cat ordering and each time saying, "but I'm not paying."

This goes on a few times, and then the barman can't keep his curiosity in. He walks up to the guy and says, "What's the story with this lot," with a wave of his hand to the bird and the cat.

"Well," the guy replied, "I was granted three wishes by this genie. My first wish was a wallet full of money, hence the twenty dollar bills. I then asked for a classy bird with a tight pussy, and got laboured with these two!"

ALPHA v0.3