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The World Of Politically Correct

Topic: adult

The World of Politically Correct

The old way =>> The new phrase

1. No fucking way =>> I'm not sure it's feasible

2. You've got to be shitting me =>> Really?

3. Tell me someone who gives a fuck =>> Perhaps you should check with.

4. Tell somebody who gives a fuck =>> Of course I'm concerned

5. It's not my fucking problem =>> I wasn't involved in that project

6. What the fuck? =>> Interesting behavior

7. Fuck it ...It won't work =>> I'm not sure I can implement this

8. Why didn't they tell me sooner =>> I'll try and schedule that

9. When do they expect me to do it =>> Perhaps I can work late

10. Who the fuck cares =>> Are you sure it's a problem?

11. He's got his head up his ass =>> He's not familiar with the problem

12. Eat shit =>> You don't say?

13. Eat shit and die =>> Excuse me?

14. Eat shit and die, motherfucker =>> Excuse me, sir?

15. What the fuck do they want? =>> They weren't happy with it?

16. Kiss my ass =>> So you'd like to help with that?

17. Fuck it. I'm on break =>> I'm a bit overloaded at this point

18. Shove it up your ass! =>> I don't think you understand

19. This job sucks! =>> I love a challenge!

20. Blow me =>> I see

21. The shit's gonna hit the fan =>> I feel this is bubbling over

22. Let some other schmuck do it =>> Let's develop a plan

23. You deal with this shit =>> Here's an opportunity

24. I'm not fucking paying for this! =>> What's your job number?

25. I don't have a fucking clue! =>> Let's schedule a meeting!

26. Well, shit happens =>> Our managers are wonderful people

27. Fuck you! =>> Let me explain this to you

28. Eat me =>> We disagree slightly on this

29. Same old shit =>> I love consistency

30. Who the hell died and made you boss =>> You want me to take care of this?

31. Go fuck yourself =>> Do you understand now?

32. Another fucking meeting? =>> Yes, we should discuss this

33. I really don't give a shit =>> I don't think it's a problem

34. He's fucking retarded =>> He's confused

35. Boy, are you a fucking idiot =>> Very interesting

36. Get fucked =>> Thank you

37. Fuck off and die =>> Thank you very much

38. Do it right or you're fired =>> I'm confident you'll get it done

39. Fuck you =>> Trust me

40. He's an asshole =>> He's not signed on to our plan

41. I'll cover your ass =>> Consider me your resource

42. Oh, Goddamn it to hell! =>> Thanks for telling me about that

43. I'll punch his lights out =>> We'll have a meaningful talk

44. Shut the fuck up =>> Thank you for your input

45. Shut up a fucking minute =>> Let me share this with you

46. That's totally incompetant =>> Let me build on that point

47. What the fuck's your problem? =>> I understand your feelings

48. Your idea sucks =>> Let me share my feelings on this

ALPHA v0.3