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A Traveling Salesman Was Traveling Down A Country Road When His

Topic: adult

A traveling salesman was traveling down a country road when his car broke down. He walked to the first house to seek help and heard music and a TV going. He knocked on the door and no one answered. He peeked inside the window and saw a woman standing there lifting her breast and a man sitting there jerking off with an umbrella over his head.

He thought, this is too weird, I'll go to the next house. He goes to the next house, knocks on the door and a lady answers saying Can I help you? He sighs and says, Thank God, someone normal.

He proceeds to explain what he seen and the previous house and the lady said, Oh that's the Jones's, they're deaf and dumb. She's telling him to go milk the cows and he's telling her, Fuck you, it's raining outside.

ALPHA v0.3