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A Wealthy Dowager Was Shopping In The Produce Department At The

Topic: adult

A wealthy dowager was shopping in the produce department at the local supermarket and much to her embarrassment found herself becoming very aroused handling the Zucchini and Cucumber. The more she handled them while selecting those she wanted to keep...the shorter her breaths became and she felt "the warmth" spreading further throughout her body. As she was leaving the check stand she asked the cashier if a bag boy could carry her groceries out for her.

As she and the bag boy entered the parking lot, she dared nudge him every so slightly, arousing her even more so, past containment. Nudging him again she said to the bag boy. "I have an itchy pussy!"

He stands there for a few seconds and finally tells her "Lady, you'll have to point it out for me, all those Japanese imports look the same to me!"

ALPHA v0.3