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There Was These Three Professors Looking For The Mythical Foo

Topic: adult

There was these three professors looking for the mythical Foo bird. So they went to the deepest part of Africa looking for it. After three weeks of searching they found a Foo. So they tried to catch it, but the foo turned around and sh*t on one of the professors. The professor wiped the sh*t off him and fell over dead. The other two professors looked at what happened in curiosty and shock.

After burying him they went on their way. A hour later they met a second Foo. The same thing happened, again the foo sh*t on one of the professors. The professor wiped off his face and died. By this time the last professor decied to get out of there. But before he could six Foos ganged up and sh*t on him.

So he went home and smelled like Foo sh*t,but determined not to wipe it off. After two years he got tried of wearing the foo sh*t so he wiped it off and died.

The moral of the story is, if the Foo sh*ts wear it!

ALPHA v0.3