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A Mother Son Were About To Go To The Shopping Mall As She Warned

Topic: adult

A mother & son were about to go to the shopping mall as she warned him that she found his behaviour atrocious. As they walked in, he pointed his arm and said "Look, Ma at the bow-legged bastard."

"Billy, I'll have no more of that language or you'll be sent somewhere to learn better, she said.

"Ma, another bow-legged bastard," shouted Billy.

Immediately she sent the boy to a private school where he did indeed learn manners as well as culture, Shakespeare, the arts, sciences and a certain sophistication she never suspected to be possible. Nine months later, he was home on vacation. She once again took William as he now preferred to be called to the shopping mall. Again he saw one. This time he queried, "Mother. . . . What manner of men be these who walk with balls in parentheses?"

ALPHA v0.3