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These Two Good-Old Boys Down In Louisiana Are Fishing In The

Topic: adult

These two good-old boys down in Louisiana are fishing in the bayou. They see their friend Jones in a boat out in the middle of the water. Shortly, the boat springs a leak, sinks, and so does Jones. They recall that he doesn't know how to swim. One looks at the other and says, "How we gonna tell the widow?"

The other one says, "Never you mind about that! I'm known as the Silver-Tongued Orator in these parts because I'm so smooth, so downright articulate, so polished and sophisticated that I can make bad news sound good. I'll be so delicate, so sensitive, so sympathetic and kind that Jones's wife won't even see this as a tragedy. No, I'll put it to her in such a way as to let her see the positive benefits of this unhappy occurrence. The Silver-Tongued Orator can make bad news sound good."

"Okay, bro - go for it."

So, the two of them go over to the Jones house, and the Silver- Tongued Orator knocks on the door. Mrs. Jones answers the door.

"Ah, tell me, would you be the Widow Jones?"

"My name's Mrs. Jones, but I'm not widow."

"The fuck you ain't."

ALPHA v0.3