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A Man And His Wife Are Going On A Cruise For A Week. As They Are

Topic: adult

A man and his wife are going on a cruise for a week. As they are boarding the ship, the woman remembers that she doesn't have her hearing aid. She is really deaf, but realizes it is too late to do anything about it. The couple proceeds to their stateroom. They have bunk beds in their quarters. The husband looks at his wife and motions towards the beds. He says,"Up or down?". She proceeds to completely disrobe and they have a wild lovemaking session.

This routine goes on for a week - every time the husband asks his wife which bunk bed she wants, she strips and they have the best sex of their lives! Finally, the cruise is over and the happy couple is leaving the ship. The husband pulls his wife aside and says, "Honey, what a great cruise."

"You were so hot; what was going on?". She says,"What did you expect me to do, you kept telling me to f__k or drown!".

ALPHA v0.3