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Rufus Brown Was One Cool Dude Who Took Great Pride In Being The

Topic: adult

Rufus Brown was one cool dude who took great pride in being the sharpest dressed individual in the whole town. He was especially proud of his Florsheim-shiny-black-patent-leather-shoes. He was dancing with Mary, looked down and saw her pink panties reflected in his shoes and said, "Sure are some cute pink panties you're wearing." When Mary told her friends about his remark they all wondered how Rufus knew about her panties. "I'll dance with him," said Sarah, "I'm wearing white panties... we'll see what he has to say about them." Rufus and Sarah are dancing and Rufus says, "Those are nice white panties you've got on." When Sarah tells her friends about what happened they continue to be puzzled about how Rufus knows about the color of their panties. Sally says, "I'll dance with him, I'm not wearing any panties. They dance for only a few moments and Rufus gets an anxious look on his face and says, "Sally, you aren't wearing any panties are you?"

"No I'm not," she answers, "why do you ask?"

Rufus replies, "For a minute there I was afraid my Florsheim- shiny-black-patent-leather-shoes had a crack in 'em!"

ALPHA v0.3