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The Emperor Was Trying To Find The Best Samurai Swordsman In The

Topic: adult

The emperor was trying to find the best samurai swordsman in the land, so he held a contest. Only three samurai were confident enough to compete. The emperor looked over the three strong men and said, "I have here, in each of three containers, a fly. As I let the flies out one at a time, each samurai is to kill one as quickly as possible." All three nodded their understanding and assent.

The first samurai stood up, and the emperor opened the lid of the container. Out buzzed a fly, and whoosh!, quicker than you could imagine, the fly fell to the ground, deftly split in two. The crowd that had gathered in the court applauded.

The second samurai stood, and the emperor opened the lid of the second container. Out buzzed another fly. Even quicker than the first samurai, the second whirled his sword whoosh! whoosh! and the fly fell to the earth in four pieces. The crowd cheered.

As the third samurai rose to the challenged, everyone wondered what he could do to top the feats of the last two swordsmen. When the emperor opened the lid of the third container, the samurai, poised for action, made a graceful wave of the sword, and the fly buzzed off.

The emperor, furious to think he was being mocked, cried, "What do you think you're doing? That fly got away!"

"I know," replied the samurai. "But he'll never f*ck again!"

ALPHA v0.3