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An Italian Father Decided To Send His Son To America To Begin A

Topic: adult

An Italian father decided to send his son to America to begin a new life. As a going away present, the father gave him The Family Pistol. A priceless symbol of family honor.

After several years, the son became rich and successful and sent for his family to join him. Touring his son's lavishly furnished home, the father kept looking for The Family Pistol. Not seeing it, he asked his son about it only to learn the son didn't care all that much about it, had sold it and bought an expensive Rolex wristwatch with the proceeds.

His father became very upset and said, "Son, one of these days you're gonna come home from work early and when you go up to your bedroom, you'll find your wife in bed with another man. What are you gonna do, say 'Hey man, your time is up'?"

ALPHA v0.3