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These Two Old Friends Happen To Run Into Each Other On The

Topic: adult

These two old friends happen to run into each other on the street one day and one asks the other how he's been.

"Happy!" exclaimed the other one.

"Happy? Whatever do you mean?"

"Well, I got layed off from my job."

"How can you be happy getting layed off from your job?"

"Oh, I found another one the next day and it pays better and I have an office with a window and everything."

Some time passes and they run into each other again, and start as before... "How are you doing?

"Happy, Happy!!

"Happy, happy? Whatever do you mean?"

"Remember that new job I got? Well, it pays so well that I finally had some extra money and gave that Lottery a crack. Guess what? I won!!!!"

Time passes once more, and they run into each other quite by accident. Here comes the question.... "How are you doing?"

"Happy. Happy. Happy!!!!!" replied the friend.

"Happy, happy, happy???? How could you possibly be any happier?"

"Well, after the new job and hitting the lottery, I met a girl and she's the most wonderful person in the world. In fact, the other night, we were at her house making love when her husband walked in, caught us, drew a revolver and shot me in the ass!"

"You got shot???? How can that make you happy?"

"If he'd have gotten home 10 minutes earlier, he would've blown my brains out."

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