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A Woman Enters An Ice Cream Shop And Asks The Man Behind The

Topic: adult

A woman enters an ice cream shop and asks the man behind the counter for a gallon of strawberry, a gallon of vanilla and a gallon of chocolate. The man replies that they're out of chocolate.

The woman then asks for a half gallon of strawberry, a half gallon of vanilla and a half gallon of chocolate. The man replies, a little testily, that they are out of chocolate.

The woman the asks for a quart of strawberry, a quart of vanilla and a quart of chocolate. to which the man replies...

"Lady, spell the straw in strawberry."

"S-T-R-A-W" she replies.

"OK, spell the van in vanilla."

"V-A-N" came the answer.

Now, spell the fuck in chocolate."

"Well! There IS no fuck in chocolate!"

"Exactly what I've been trying to tell you, lady!" He replies triumphantly, "There is no fuckin' chocolate!"

ALPHA v0.3