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One Night The Boudreaux'S Are At The Thibodeaux'S House For A

Topic: adult

One night the Boudreaux's are at the Thibodeaux's house for a card game. During the game, Boudreaux drops a card on the floor, and while bending over to retrieve the card, he notices Mrs. Thibodeaux is not wearing panties under the table! When he straightens up, he sees Mrs. Thibodeaux smiling at him knowingly. Boudreaux goes to the kitchen for a beer run, and Mrs. Thibodeaux follows. "Hey Boudreaux!" she says, "Did you like what you saw under the table?"

"'Me Chere' I sho 'nuff did!" replies Boudreaux.

"Well, for $100, you can have dat!" Mrs. Thibodeaux says.

"'Me Chere, I tell you what...I'll be here tomorrow at 2:00pm, while Thibodeaux's at work, 'an we'll got together!" says Boudreaux.

The next day, the deed is carried out, and right after Boudreaux has left, Thibodeaux calls home and asks his wife if Boudreaux has been there. Fearing she has been found out, she tells her husband he had.

"Did he give you some money?" Thibodeaux demands.

Again his wife tells him he did.

"That Boudreaux is a good 'ol boy him" Thibodeaux tells his wife. Confused, his wife asks what he means?

"Well," says Thibodeaux, "He borrowed $100 dollars from me last night, and he told me he would be sure to return it today at 2:00pm!"

ALPHA v0.3