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The Ambulance And The Wheelchairs

Topic: adult

The Ambulance and the Wheelchairs

An ambulance driver was going down the road when he suddenly saw 100 disabled people in wheelchairs following him. So he thought he'd have a bit of fun so he went faster. The wheelchairs went faster too. He thought this was really quite good fun so he went even faster until he rounded a corner and came to some traffic lights. He quickly slammed on the breaks and screeched to a halt only to have 50 of the wheelchairs crash into the back of him.

The driver got out and went around to the back of the ambulance. The driver saw how many dead there were and realizing that one ambulance couldn't cope with it all, he got back in and drove off, only to be followed by the remaining 50 wheelchairs. He was getting quite worried now so he put his foot down and went faster still. The wheelchairs followed, even when he went onto a highway. He was doing about 70 now when he saw a sharp curve approaching so he slowed down rather rapidly and heard an awful crash as 40 wheelchairs smashed into the back of him.

Without getting out, he knew there would be too many of them so he drove off with the remaining 10 in tow. He was really very worried by now so he sped around the town with his sirens blaring and his lights flashing and with 10 wheelchairs in hot pursuit. This continued until he came to a junction where he had to stop. Yet again, there came the now familiar crash of wheelchairs crunching up and bones shattering.

Feeling very unhappy, the driver got out and went round the back. There were pieces of metal everywhere but amongst the debris, there was one person still alive. The driver ran over to him and bent down as the man spoke, "Please sir, can I have an ice cream..."

ALPHA v0.3