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The Fancy Mural ---------------

Topic: adult

The Fancy Mural ---------------

A young couple lucky enough to have rich parents got married, had

a huge reception at the local country club, took the obligatory 6 month

tour of Europe and, at their return, held an open house at the new home

that had been constructed for them in a fashionable suburb by their

parents while they were travelling. Over 100 guests attended, the

liquor flowed freely & all had a wonderful time.

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of a family room

mural painted by a noted local artist. The mural was a beautiful

Western landscape covered by Indians in various stages of sexual

activity, with the centerpiece being a large fish with a halo over its


There was polite applause at the unveiling, then a noted silence

interrupted by a man who had imbibed freely during the evening, asking

"OK, I give up; it's pretty but what the Hell does it signify?"

The artist disdainfully responded, "Why, Custer's last words, of

course. You know, 'Holy Mackeral, look at all them f**king Indians!'"

ALPHA v0.3