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Farm Animal Names

Topic: adult

Farm Animal Names

This guy wants to buy some farm animals, a chicken, a rooster, and a donkey. So he goes to the chicken farm and asks the farmer to sell him a chicken.

The farmer says "Only if you use the proper term for chicken." The man asks what the proper term is. "Pullit" says the farmer. The man asks for a pullit and is on his way.

Next stop the rooster house. "Will you sell me a rooster?" asks the man. "Only if you use the proper term." says the farmer. "What's the proper term?" the man asks. "Cock." says the farmer. "OK, Can I buy a cock then?" The farmer sells him the rooster.

Off to the donkey stables. The man asks the owner if he can buy a donkey. "Use the proper term." says the owner. "I know this one." says the man. "Can I buy an ass ?" The owner sells him the donkey and gives him this warning, "Don't scare the donkey or it will faint, and the only way to revive it is to tickle it behind the ears."

"OK." says the man as he heads back to the city.

As he's driving down Main Street he gets in an accident. The donkey faints, and the birds fly away. When the police officer arrives the man asks, "Can you grab my cock and pullit while I tickle my ass ?"

ALPHA v0.3