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Getting The Special -------------------

Topic: adult

Getting the Special -------------------

Three conventioneers had finally managed to get their wives to go back to the hotel and had located a house of negotiable affection.

The madam was crestfallen. "Sorry fellows, all the girls are busy... No one left but me."

"Gee, we spent most of the evening getting rid of our wives and we're leaving tomorrow, isn't there anything you can do?"

"Well there's always me, I give specials..."

The first guy decided he'd go for it and when he came back downstairs he had a grin ear to ear.

"How was it? How much was it?"

"It was great! I got the $25 special. She has this can of Readi-Whip and she sprays it all around and then licks it off, great!"

The second fellow doesn't hesitate, bolts up the stairs and is back after a while, grinning like the first.

"How was it? How much was it?"

"It was super! I got the $50 special. Same as Jack, the Readi-Whip, but she had some chopped walnuts that she sprinkled on it. Nibbled off the walnuts and licked off the Readi-Whip, faantaaastic!"

The third could not be constrained, he raced up the stairs and came back shortly thereafter, chin between his knees.

"Gosh! What happened? What went wrong?"

"Well, I got the $75 special, kinda like what you guys got but she starts with a pineapple ring. Then there's the Readi-Whip, the chopped walnuts, but she's got some chocolate sprinkles and a cherry she puts on top. Damn! it looked so good I ate it myself..."

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