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Hit-N-Run Points Chart

Topic: adult

Hit-n-Run Points Chart

Small furry rodent 10 pts Small mammal 25 pts Large mammal 75 pts Bird-any size 15 pts...bonus 50 pts if airborne Small child 100 pts...bonus 50 pts if on trike Large child 150 pts...bonus 50 pts if on bike High School student 200 pts...bonus 100 pts on skateboard College student 300 pts...bonus 200 pts if drunk Anyone on roller blades 300 pts...bonus 50 pts if on sidewalk Pedestrian 50 pts...bonus 25 pts if holding object/child Jogger/runner 25 pts...bonus 10 pts if w/walkman Famous person 200 pts...bonus 100 pts if w/security Officer directing traffic 150 pts Student Security Assistant 250 pts Resident Assistant 500 pts Construction worker 100 pts Snow bank 50 pts...bonus 50 pts if covering hard object Any stationary object 100 pts...bonus 50 pts if object jumps out at you Any building 200 pts...bonus 200 pts if fast food restaurant Entering building with car 2000 pts...bonus 200 pts for each occupant in car Any President 2000 pts Kid Idiot (Police Cadet) 150 pts...bonus 100 pts if directing traffic Airplane 1500 pts Boat 1500 pts Elvis 2500 pts Any other "dead" person 1000 pts Any other moving vechicle 100 pts Anything on wheels 150 pts Anything not on this list 150 pts Creator of this list 1500 pts...bonus 100 pts if armed If person lands on feet 75 pts Person still posseses object 100 pts Blonde People 50 pts Vehicle does not recieve Any damage 100 pts No blood on vehicle 200 pts Larger vehicle -150 pts Speed trap -100 pts + citation Citation - 1 pt per dollar Police vehicle -1000 pts

ALPHA v0.3