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Indian Chief And The White Men ------------------------------

Topic: adult

Indian Chief and the White Men ------------------------------

The Captain at Ft. Rogers was riding near the Indian village with

his new first officer, Lt. Parks. He explained that the villagers were

peaceful, but that the old Chief, Red Fox, hated the white man. "He's

harmless, just ignore him," explained the Captain.

When they passed old Chief Red Fox sitting by his lodge, they

greeted him with a salute. In response, the Chief gave them both the

finger. This did not startle Lt. Parks until he saw the Chief turn his

finger sideways as they passed.

This routine went on for months, whether Lt. Parks was alone or in

the company of the Captain. Finally, he could stand it no more. He

approached the Chief's son; "Look," he said, "I realize that the Chief

doesn't like us and I'm not worried about his attitude. But what the

hell does it mean when he turns his finger sideways?"

The Chief's son replied, "Him no like your horses, either."

ALPHA v0.3