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A Man Had Just Won 10 Million Dollars In The Lottery And Rushed

Topic: adult

A man had just won 10 million dollars in the lottery, and rushed to call his wife to tell her. The Hispanic maid answers the phone.

The man says, "Go get my wife, I've just won 10 million dollars."

"Oh senor, I cannot" said the maid.

"Go get her, I have to tell her the big news" demands the man.

"Senor, I cannot, for she is weeth anodor man" replies the maid.

"What! another man!?! ... Listen, kill them, I'll give you 1 million dollars to kill them both!" said the man.

"Oh no, I cannot", but the man finally convinces her, and while waiting on the phone, hears gunshots!

"I deed eet" said the maid.

The man frantically tells her to go and get rid of the gun RIGHT AWAY. She comes back, and says "I got reed of the gun, I throw it in the jaccuzzi."

The man said "Jaccuzzi? I don't have a jaccuzzi. hmmm ... is this 222-8044?"

ALPHA v0.3