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Karate.....The Dog ------------------

Topic: adult

Karate.....The Dog ------------------

There was a lady who was in the market for a good watchdog. She goes into a pet store, and asks the manager to bring in the best watchdog he has in the shop.

"I have just the dog for you," replied the manager. So he brings in a rather ordinary looking German Shepherd, and, much to the amusement of the woman, tells her that the dog is skilled in the art of karate.

"Let me show you," says the manager. He then pulls up a chair, and commands the dog, "Karate this chair!" Amazingly, the dog destroys the chair with a karate blow. "Karate this table!" And the dog does the same thing to the table. "Karate this wall!" -- and so on, and the dog karates without fail.

The woman, needless to say, was impressed. So she purchases the dog, and rushes home to show the dog to her husband.

The next day, the woman comes into the pet store with the dog, pissed off. The manager asks: "What's wrong? Doesn't the dog work?"

"Only too well," replied the woman. "When I told my husband that this dog knows karate, he laughed, and said, 'Karate, my ass...'"

ALPHA v0.3