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The Koala Bear --------------

Topic: adult

The Koala Bear --------------

So this koala was lost in New York City, around 42d street (lots

of lost folks thereabouts). The little creature finds itself inside a

whorehouse, and begins ambling up the stairs to where the staff await

their next clients. In one of the rooms, our koala finds a woman on

break, lying down on the bed fast asleep. He crawls up on the bed,

noses his way into the woman's crotch, and begins licking very

industriously. It is only a short time before she awakens, and

(deciding she's enjoying the process) decides not to interrupt. After

a while, she decides she's satisfied, and sits up. The koala, wiping

its chin, hops down to the floor and heads to the door.

"Hold it there, shortie! You gotta pay!" she tells him.

The koala turns and looks back at her, shrugs, and continues

toward the door. The whore hops out of bed and stops him. She grabs a

dictionary, riffles through it to find a word, and points. "There,

see? 'prostitute (n): One who receives money for sex acts.' That was a

sex act, and I'm a prostitute, so pay up!"

The koala shrugs again, and takes the dictionary. He thumbs

(paws? claws?) through it until he finds the entry he wants. He shows

it to her: "koala (n): small bear-like marsupial that eats bushes and


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