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Dr. Livingston I Presume -------------------------

Topic: adult

Dr. Livingston, I Presume -------------------------

Seems that Dr. Livingston was roaming about darkest Africa one

day, charting and exploring where Western civilization had never been

before, when he found himself in a spot of trouble. He had not seen a

large puddle of quicksand in the middle of his path and had wandered

into it. The quicksand began doing it's work and soon Livingston was

up to his knees in muck.

So of course he struggles to get out and had just come up with the

realization that unaided escape would be an impossibility when a native

fellow wanders by. Dr. Livingston cries out to the native who answers

in plain English.

"Get me out of here!"

"Ummm ... what will you do for me?"

"Anything, anything I'm desperate man!"

"Well ... will you suck my dick?"

"Absolutely not!" Livingston replies. The native shrugs and walks

on. Now Livingston is up to his waist, when miraculously another

native comes by. Dr. Livingston asks him for help and the native asks

Dr. Livingston to suck his dick. Livingston refuses and the native

goes about his business, leaving Livingston to think that he must be

sinking into the gay highway of darkest Africa.

Finally he is up to his neck and desperate. Yet another tribesman

walks by, and Livingston shouts to him "Please man you've got to help

me! I'll do anything, I'll even suck your dick!"

"Damned faggot" the native says and stomps on Livingston's head.

ALPHA v0.3