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Machismo - How Much You Got ---------------------------

Topic: adult

Machismo - How Much You Got ---------------------------

Some years ago in a tiny little cantina somewhere south of the border there were three vaqueros arguing about who had the most machismo. The first vaquero (Mexican cowboy to all you gringos) says to the other two. "I weel show you 'machismo'!"

He then goes to the bar, which was being tended by a rather pretty senorita, and hands her his pistol. He places his left hand on the bar and tells her to shoot off his little finger. She does so and he goes back to the table holding his bloody hand, minus the little finger, like a trophy, "Thees is 'machismo!" he crows.

Not to be outdone the second vaquero goes up to the bar and asks the senorita to shoot off his little finger AND the ring finger. She does so and he waves his mangled hand in front of the other two and says, "See? Thees is 'machismo'!"

The third then proceeds to have his little, ring and middle fingers shot off to prove that he is even more macho than the other two.

During all this a Texan cowboy had been sitting in the corner, drinking his whiskey and watching the whole affair with interest. He slowly gets up, looks at the three vaqueros and says, "You guys ain't nothin' but a bunch of wooses." He walks over to the bar, undoes his fly and flops his immense throbbing schlong on the top of the bar. The senorita looks at it with eyes wide and says, "Senor! Do you wan' me to shoot THAT off?!"

"Naw, baby," he drawls, "Just kiss it. It'll shoot off all by itself!"

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