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A Man Walks Into A Bar With A Monkey He Had Just Bought At The

Topic: adult

A man walks into a bar with a monkey he had just bought at the pet store. He sits down at the bar and orders a beer. The monkey jumps down off his shoulder and runs over to the pool table and eats the cue-ball.

The bartender said "Your monkey just ate the cue-ball!!! GET OUT NOW!!" So the man left.

Two months later the same man comes back with the monkey on a leash. The monkey jumps off his shoulder and grabs a peanut, shoves it up his ass, pulls it out then eats it

The bartender said, "Did your monkey just shove a peanut up his ass, then eat it?"

The man says "Yeah, ever since the cue-ball incident he checks everything for size."

ALPHA v0.3