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Morals To The Story -------------------

Topic: adult

Morals To The Story -------------------

This teacher is telling her students about stories that have morals to them. So she gives an example and then asks the kids if they know of any stories that they could tell that have Morals to them.

Well little Jennifer raised her hand first and shared this story. "I went to my grandma's house and when I went to get eggs I only took one basket. When I came in a couple of the eggs fell out." Well the teacher said that is a very good story, then she asked what is the moral? And Jennifer said "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" Very good the teacher said.

So then little Jimmy raised his hand and told a story. "When my dad was in the war he was surrounded by Nazis on three of his sides, and all he had was a shot of whiskey, a pistol with 6 bullets in it, and a hand grenade."

"Oh my," said the teacher, "what did he do?"

"Well he drank the whiskey, threw the hand grenade one way, and killed most of the Nazis, then he shot the rest of them with his hand gun."

"Oh that is a good story," said the teacher. "What is the moral?"

"Don't fuck with my dad when he's been drinking," said little Jimmy....

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