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The New Prostitute ------------------

Topic: adult

The New Prostitute ------------------

The husband loses his job and he and his wife find themselves in financial difficulty. One day she comes up with the idea that she can earn some extra cash by streetwalking. The husband says that the streets are too dangerous and suggests doing it from their car.

So they drive to the local truck stop, figuring that should be a good place to meet horny guys with some cash. She goes to a truck and asks the driver, "Would you like a date?"

He says, "Sure". And she climbs into the truck.

"How much for sex?", he asks.

She says, "I don't know. I'm new to this, I'll ask my husband." She gets out of the truck, walks to her husband in the car and asks him what she should charge for straight sex. He thinks it over for a minute and says, "One hundred dollars!"

She goes back to the truck and tells the driver. He looks in his wallet and finds forty dollars. "What can I get for forty dollars?", he asks.

She says, "I don't know. Let me ask my husband."

She walks back to her husband in the car, and asks, "He says he only has forty dollars. What can I do for forty dollars?". Her husband thinks for a moment and says, "A hand job should be worth forty dollars".

She goes back to the truck and tells the driver, "I can give you a hand job for forty dollars".

"OK", he says, and pulls down his zipper. His dick pops out and its huge. Like an elephant. She looks at it for a minute and gets out of the truck and walks back to her husband in the car.

She asks, "Can I borrow sixty dollars?"

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