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The New Rooster ---------------

Topic: adult

The New Rooster ---------------

There's a chicken farm in this area that has employed the same rooster for the last fifteen years. Egg production had fallen off of late so the farmer changed his feed, water, and everything else he could think of when a neighboring farmer said why not just get a new rooster. So the farmer did and threw it into the chicken coop with the old rooster.

The young rooster struts right up to the old rooster and says, "Well, you getting old and the farmer is replacing you with me. I am going to service all the hens!"

The old rooster replies, "There are 1500 chickens here, I'll tell you what. You take care of 1000 and I'll take care of the other five hundred!"

"No way " the youngster crows.

"Well, I'll make you a deal. You race me around the coop, let's say thirty laps, you give me a ten foot head start and if you beat me you can have all the chickens. What do you say?"

The youngster sizes up the old rooster and says, "There is no way you're going to beat me, you're on."

They line up and they're off, the older rooster leading and clucking up a fierce storm. Once, twice, three times around and the youngster is narrowing the margin when suddenly a shotgun blast kills the younger rooster. The farmer lowering his gun and shaking his head says, "Third gay rooster I bought in four days!"

ALPHA v0.3