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A Night In The Barn -------------------

Topic: adult

A Night In The Barn -------------------

There were three men that were traveling on an old

country road. Their car overheated and they were stranded.

Not knowing how to fix it they started out walking. They

kept on walking along the road in hopes that they would come

across help. After about half an hour of walking, they found

an old barn. They went up to the house next to it and were

greeted by a kindly old man. They asked him for lodging for

the coming night. He told them that they would be more than

welcome to sleep in the barn. The three men all felt that it

would be alright. As it was a very large barn each man got a

whole floor to himself.

About midnight, the first man woke up and needed to crap

really bad. He looked around and saw a pillow case in the

corner. He finished with his business, then threw the pillow

case over the side.

About an hour later the second man woke up with the same

problem as the first. After examining his surroundings, he

found the pillow case. After he finished with it, he also

tossed it over the side.

The next morning, the old man asked each one how their

stay was. The response from the first two was the same.

They had slept very well and thanked the old man for his


When the third man was asked how he slept, his reply

was, "I slept pretty good, except in the middle of the night,

I had to beat the crap out of a ghost!"

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