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Whataya Call A Man With No Arms And No Legs

Topic: adult

Whataya call a man with no arms and no legs... ----------------------------------------------

in a pool? Bob on the wall? Art his father on the wall? Pop Art in a hole? phil out of the hole? Doug in a mail box? Bill in front of the door Matt in the bathroom John on a tree branch Bud pounded into the wall Brad holding up a car Jack plugged into a transmitter Mike in a nice wooded area Glen holding a place Mark on the grill Frank in a window Payne in a truck Mack in the powder room John in your electrical current Spike a burglar? Jimmy in your spicerack? Herb in a men's room? John in a British restroom? Lou in a bank vault? Rich in a porn flick? Dick in a sound system? Mike trying to swim? Bob in a sandwich? Reuben propping up a car? Jack being climbed on? Jim run over by a train? Bart in a flowerbed? BUD or Pete removed from the White House? Colin put through a meat grinder? Chuck being torched to death? Bernie in your gas tank? Phil under a steamroller? Lane in your drums? Tom in a lettuce farm? Manuel stuffed in a carryall? Paco drowning in the lake? Gil on your barbecue? Frank starving to death? Les being cooked by cannibals? Stu in a hayloft? Barney being stoned to death? Rocky in a chicken coop? Henry on a French farm? Hector dying of cancer? Kent waterskiing? Skip on your doorstep? Matt hanging on your wall? Art in a mail? Bill in a pile of leaves? Russell lying in a hole in the road? Phil And the guy who put him there? Doug lying on a barbers floor? Harry lying in a meat counter? Buck lying in a mailbox? Mel in a box with his arms and legs?Kit being run through a sawmill? Chip in Alcatraz? Rocky under a car? Jack playing Volleyball? Spike on the edge of a mountain? Cliff at sunrise? Don in a pasture? Horace in the river near the bank? Doc up a chimney? Smokey who is just average? Norm

A woman with no arms and no legs lying on the beach? Sandy. on the grill Patty.

A woman with one leg shorter than the other Ilene A Japanese woman with one leg shorter than the other Irene

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs laying on the side of a mountain Cliff

What do you call two men, each with no arms and no legs, hanging in a window Kurt and Rod

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs laying in a pile of leaves Russell

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