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What If Cats Used Computers. Really

Topic: cats-dogs

What If Cats Used Computers. Really. -------------------------------------

If cats used computers, keys would be a lot bigger than they are today in order to accommodate their little round paws. Each keyboard would feature a little patch of rough fabric around the edges, just because it feels nice. And there would be no mice, only trackballs, please.

If cats used computers, disks would come in flavors (tuna, cheese & egg, beef), because cats love to chew on disks. Screen wipes would be odorless, because cats don't like perfume.

Software would also be different if cats used computers. There would be screen savers that feature chirping birds and flying squirrels. All spreadsheet programs would ship with templates for totaling canary kills and the length of knitting yarn unraveled.

Humorous start-up sound files would include a parrot voice squawking, "Time for dinner."

If cats owned computers, there would be no people owning computers for cats would rule the world.

ALPHA v0.3