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The Hidden Radical Agenda Of Cats

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Since 1960, ownership of cats in the United States has more than tripled. In that same period of time, crime, drug abuse and interracial marriages have also tripled. Are we led to believe by the liberal media that these scientifically-backed correlation's are a matter of simple coincidence? Is there a reason that the Jewish-controlled press has consistently portrayed cats as "cute" or "furry"?

Perhaps it isn't in their interest for us to realize otherwise.

The following is a list of myths perpetuated by the politically correct controllers:

1) Cats are smart.

FALSE. The measured cranial capacity of the species Felis Domesticus reveals it to be 78% smaller than the average male. [Source: "The Litterbox of the Left", National Alliance Press (c) 1995]

2) Cats are well-liked.

FALSE. While the elite minority would have you believe this lie, research indicates otherwise. In a recent study, 93% of Americans stated that they do NOT worship cats. In fact, most Americans believe they should all be sent back to Siam, where their nefarious tactics won't adulterate family values. [Source: "New Tender Vittles, or Jew Vendor Titles?", National Alliance Press (c) 1989]

3) Cats have nothing to hide.

FALSE. Many mistake their subversive nature for aloofness or independence. In reality, all cats are secretly plotting to rob every being on this planet of his freedom. Ever wonder why all cats stare at things that aren't there? The media would like us to think that they're confused or chasing insects; in fact, they communicate with the CIA/World Jewish Congress by means of floating radio transmitters. [Source: "Cat's Cradle Robber", National Alliance Press (c) 1991]

4) Cats are not agents of Jewish subversion.

FALSE. During the era before Christ when Jews and pagans ruled the earth, cats were worshipped as gods. After the teachings of Christ became law, cats were recognized for their true nature and put to death. It was not until the secular humanists and communists of the Renaissance began their thought-control campaign that cats were again the subject of idol worship.

As you can see, we are fighting an uphill battle exposing the lies of our corrupt government. Until we all take a stand, and proudly demand our right to a country free of felinic influence, this degradation of our nation and our race will continue unchecked.

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