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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Topic: cats-dogs

Why did the chicken cross the road? -----------------------------------

The motivation was most likely psychological in nature. He or she was in a deep depression about the fact that chickens play out a boring, shallow existance simply to gratify the appetites of tyrannical human beings. Suicide by speeding vehicle may have seemed the only way out of this tortured "life".

Many expert psychologists tend to agree with this theory. The brilliant psychologist, Dr. Drevinstakeoff, professor of psychology at some particularly reknowned university, said, "Yes, I tend to agree with this theory.....(some unimportant words you don't really need to see were left out of this quote to save space)."

Others have an even more startling explanation for the chicken phenomenon. Could there be a connection between chicken sightings and UFOs? Here is the confession of one highly credible witness, "Yep, me and Bob saw this chicken crossin' the road <burp> and yep of course we's seen a UFO <belch>." How do we explain this kind of first hand testimony? How come the government has ignored these questions for so long? Do they have something to hide? What about all those sightings of chickens near secret military bases? Does the idea of incredibly intelligent, road-crossing chickens peck away at the very foundation of our belief systems? One expert on the subject of belief systems, Spock, said, "That is indeed quite....logical captain." Join Spock in helping us fight for the information we all deserve and need to know!

ALPHA v0.3